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Bitgiant and Basekit - Build your own website!


Create the website you have always wanted with Bitgiant and Basekit

Once you have chosen your perfect template, you’re well on your way to creating your website. You can edit your template and add features easily making it completely your own.

Choosing a template from our template picker means you can start building your website in our editor. The beauty of our website builder is that there is no need for coding as it has already been done for you! This gives you more time to focus on creating your perfect website.


Drag and Drop

Our drag and drop technology means that you can simply drag and drop the features you want and place them around your site.

With BaseKit, what you see is what you get.

Create Your Own Website with Bitgiant and Basekit


Images, Videos and Slideshows

Add images, slideshows and videos to your website. You can drag and drop these features and place them anywhere on your website. Be as creative as you like with backgrounds, feature images and interactive videos.

Building your Website with Bitgiant and Basekit


Search Engine Optimised and ever so sociable

Connect directly with your Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook followers by adding social media widgets. You can easily share content across all of your social channels as our social media widgets are fully integrated.

Increase your online presence with BaseKit. Our websites are extremely easy to optimise which means they rank in search engines such as Google and Bing.

Bitgiant and Basekit - Social Media Widgets


Create Online Shops

Need to sell products or services online? We have all the widgets you need including Google Checkout and PayPal.

This makes the buying and selling process on your website seamless.

Bitgiant and Basekit Online Shops


Maps, Forms and more

Add functionality with just a few clicks and really bring your website to life! Simply drag and drop them onto your website.

Add features such as Google Maps, forms, search and navigation menus.

Bitgiant and Basekit - Add Google Maps to your website!


Advanced Features

Add advanced features to your website by embedding custom CSS, HTML and Javascript.

We also have built-in CSS software for those who don’t know how to code! This allows you to create cool effects such as drop-shadows and gradients.

Bitgiant and Basekit Built in CSS