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Bitgiant and Basekit - Create your own website designs with ease!


Create the website you have always wanted

Endless customisation options – create completely unique websites. Change the font, colour scheme and layout on your website with just a few easy clicks. The power is in your hands!

Using a website builder and templates doesn’t mean your website has to be generic.

BaseKit’s unique website builder allows you to have 100% input into how your website will look. Dictate style, layout, font, colours and images to create your own perfect and individual website.


Bitgiant and Basekit - Create your own website!



Change the fonts

Bitgiant and Basekit - Changing your design easily

Adapt your font to suit your website.

Change the size, style and colour of your font and align it to sit exactly where you want.

Set different font styles for different sections of your website eg. heading, footer, links etc.









Completely unique website designs

Stand out from the crowd by creating your own unique styles for your website.

Change the style by selecting the colours or images you would like. Change the background and individual rows of your website by choosing the colours or images to display – set the width and height.

Complete control over the rows and columns on your website. Select the rows you want to show and hide. Change your row layouts and order by dragging vertically on your page. Split rows into columns between 1 and 6 columns. You can even add more columns within columns to split content up.

With BaseKit there are no limitations on the finished result of your website.

Bitgiant and Basekit - Design your own templates