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Bitgiant and Basekit - Add social media widgets with ease!


Keep everybody up-to-date

Linking your website directly with your social media channels will do wonders for your online presence. Did you know that you can integrate all of your favourite social channels into your BaseKit website?

Your followers are able to instantly stay updated through your social networks – Reach more people through the power of social media.



Bitgiant and Basekit - Add Twitter to your website!Add your Twitter account to your website and stay in touch with your followers.

Buttons can be added at the bottom of posts and information on your website – this means that it can be tweeted at the click of a button.

You can also embed a Twitter feed containing your latest tweets



Basekit and Bitgiant - Add Facebook to your website!

Have a Facebook account? Link it directly from your BaseKit website and allow your visitors to ‘Like’ content and information on your website.


Google Plus

Bitgiant and Basekit - Add Google Plus to your website!

Add a Google+ button onto your page so that your visitors can +1 any content from your website straight onto their Google+ accounts.





Share your photos easily by connecting your website with Flickr. This is great for photography and design portfolios as you’ll be able to showcase all your work by having a direct link between your BaseKit website and your Flickr account.

Bitgiant and Basekit - Add Flickr to your website!

RSS Feeds

Bitgiant and Basekit - Add an RSS Feed to your website!Display all your information from the web in your RSS feed. You can connect this to your blog or related website which will give your visitor a live stream of information.